EP 2: "It All Falls Down"


Three comedians hash out the UN climate report, whether Kanye has always been a bit of a "black skinhead", why the future governor of California should stick to wine, and how to sext the Saudi Prince. Joining host Francesca Fiorentini is Karinda Dobbins who has opened for Trevor Noah and Dave Chappelle, and Nato Green who wrote for Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell on FX and has a very good comedy special called "The Whiteness Album.”.



In the first throwdown of the Bitchuation Room, Francesca and friends Carlos Martinez and Matt Lieb discuss Justice Brett and the male fear of "losing power"/being held accountable, Lindsay Lohan becoming #SaviorSandy, deportees in Tijuana, La Croix poisoning us, Matt's dry sandwich, and the Bitchuation Room's classic game "Sext Elect Overthrow." Enjoy! (Don't @ me about all the mathematical flubs or audio pops.) Thanks to Creative Commons music producer Kevin MacLeod for the creepy jazzy intro music.

Dropping Soon! The Bitchuation Room

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The West Wing has one, Wolf Blitzer has one, and you know what? #TimesUp on them. Enter "The Bitchuation Room", located in the Left Wing of your comedy podcasts, where low level talks reach high level stank. TBR is a weekly hour of semi-structured sparring among likeminded progressive personalities that'll leaving listeners with laughs, analysis, and some concrete tasks for bringing about the Rev.
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