with Nando Villa and Matt Lieb

Trump's 'very cool and very legal' business dealings with a foreign power that tampered in US elections are everything but. To discuss what recent Russia revelations might amount to, Francesca is joined by former Fusion host Nando Villa and comedian and Newsbroke homie Matt Lieb. Plus, the centrist spin-job on George HW Bush's legacy, the difficulty of asserting progressive foreign policy in the Trump era, and how Bezos now makes money from QAnon merch. Also a "Targeted Character Assassination" starring the 'lodestar' veep himself, and figuring whether Ariana Grande or Julian Assange would make better world leaders in The Bitchuation Room's favorite game. 

EP 8: Ding Dong the CA GOP is dead (LIVE!)


with Kevin Avery, Nato Green and Matt Haney 

Even plastic bags get more love than Republicans in California, after a blue tsunami flipped 6 of 7 contested seats for the Democrats. To eulogize the Grand Old Party and talk about what it means for progressives, Francesca is joined by comedians Nato Green, Kevin Avery (The Jim Jeffries Show), and newly elected SF district 6 supervisor Matt Haney. They also talk about the allegations against Don Resistánce, Michael Avenatti, how to use a water bottle to punish creeps, and which of the top tech CEOs is better at sexting. This episode was recorded in front of a live audience at The Setup in San Francisco.

EP 7: 'Lean In' To The Propaganda


Facebook betrays us again but we still can't quit. Like an abusive partner you keep going back to for those dank memes. Meanwhile the Israeli military somehow needs more money because occupation is expensive and Pharrell Williams is "Happy" to oblige. Plus a takedown of Amazon's HQ2, the diamond industry, and whether eating Poke is like eating the sea's grandparents. Comic Imran G. and labor organizer Vasudha Desikan join Francesca Fiorentini for the hour and then some. 

EP 6: That's One Pissed Off POTUS

Democracy ain't dead. Days after Democrats take back the house with historic turnout and a record number of women winning congressional seats, Francesca makes sense of the midterms along with comedian Jessica Sele and radio producer Sam Greenspan. They talk about the art of withdrawing concession, climate apocalypse, what new attorney general could mean for the Russia investigation, and whether 'deep kissing' can cause an orgasm. Plus an all-female edition of “Sext, Elect Overthrow” with women who have at one point or another seen the president's junk. Shower after listening.

Thanks to Creative Commons music producer Kevin MacLeod for TBR's creepy jazzy intro music. 

EP: 5 Door Knocking VS Cage Rattling


Hours away from a potential blue wave of democratic midterm victories nationwide, Grandpa Donald keeps racheting up the fear. To discuss pre-electoral madness with Francesca in The Bitchuation Room is her childhood friend Yonatan Rosen, and the executive director of Amazon Watch, Leila Salazar-Lopez. They hash out the 'migrant caravan', the 14th amendment, the Brazilian elections and what Bolsonaro means for the future of the planet, as well as how the Brexit vote was financed by Russia through yet another convenient idiot. Also included are tales of bad English translations and who should be the elected the tiniest mayor of Tiny Town. 

Midterms, Media and Megyn Kelly's $60M orgasm


Mass shooters, bomb threats and the right's spin have got Francesca and frands wondering: who am truth? A powerhouse episode featuring Gasland director and former Bernie delegate Josh Fox, along with ASMR addict and Newsbroke producer Kate Elston. We talk media complicity, voter suppression, and Francesca's captivity to her Halloween costume nails. Go see Josh's show "The Truth Has Changed" and hear Kate on her period podcast The Vicious Cycle. 

EP 2: "It All Falls Down"


Three comedians hash out the UN climate report, whether Kanye has always been a bit of a "black skinhead", why the future governor of California should stick to wine, and how to sext the Saudi Prince. Joining host Francesca Fiorentini is Karinda Dobbins who has opened for Trevor Noah and Dave Chappelle, and Nato Green who wrote for Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell on FX and has a very good comedy special called "The Whiteness Album.”.